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In today’s 24/7 News and Media landscape, providers of these stories and content require robust tools for fast and reliable communications, while maintaining a high level of security. Major Broadcast providers are always looking for the strongest technologies available to handle the heavy usage and high demand of their communications, both on-air and off-air.

Compunetix offers the most reliable solutions for on-demand calls, on/off air communications, and media industry requirements. By providing dedicated systems with ample resources for recording, capacity, and call management, Compunetix has proven itself as the first choice for media broadcast providers. Communicating with internal team members off the air, or coordinating with the camera crew on a live set, our solutions have the necessary tools built-in for seamless and secure communication.

Live Broadcast Communications

Our live broadcasting application can support any size production, from as small as a dozen connections into the thousands. Built for reliability and security, it performs well even during heavy usage during prime broadcasting times. Additional benefits include:

  • Supports real-time production studio environments
  • Allows for 24/7 ‘on-demand’ conferences
  • Call recording for future playback
  • Full conference call capabilities
  • Listen/Talk/Mute permissions
Cost Savings and Dual Usage

By utilizing this solution both on and off the air, media broadcast providers are given a unique opportunity to meet both their needs for broadcasting communications as well as a general internal and external collaboration at an effective cost. Built on our state of the art conferencing technologies, the system also serves as a fully functioning conferencing solution, built for all kinds of collaboration.

System Conferencing Features:

  • Data sharing
  • Webcam support
  • Q&A, polling, and whiteboarding
  • Private hosted and on-premises deployments
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